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  • We have increased our company turnover by 150% since we launched through our client relationship management and consistent and proven results by extending our presence in the market and services we have delivered which has allowed the company to launch a presence in 2015 in Victoria and WA, providing a more cost effective national presence for our clients
  • We have achieved 100% client retention for 8 years in a competitive market environment allowing the company to build a strong consistent and trusted reputation in the market
  • We have delivered growths for our clients in 7.5 years  of 36.7% from the Australian market and  35.7% from the New Zealand market
  • We have reduced our operating costs in the last 12 months by 20% to allow us to consolidate in preparation for upscaling the company.
  • We have achieved a place in the top 5 finalists for our work with the Travel Trade in the Australian market for Best Tourist Office – International consistently in the last 6 years and have won this coveted award twice in this period. One of the only representative companies in our competitive set in Australia who has achieved that. Our award winning results are derived from the business values we live and breathe daily:
    • Connected
    • Influential
    • Trusted
  • We have reached a TV audience of 94 million for one of our major clients with 52 million of this relating to additional syndication of shows across international market through the delivery of 20 TV filming projects in Destination achieving 1110 minutes of air time. This contributed to the destinations growth of 36.7% and 35.7% respectively
  • We have achieved 883 minutes of radio airtime with an audience reach of 12 million for one of our clients  through the delivery of 6 Radio Broadcasts in destination contributing the destinations growth.
  • We have delivered 7 of the largest Social Influencer Activations that any international destination has undertaken in the same period and 5 targeted Brand partnerships achieving a social audience reach of 48,220,824, through 2185 social posts and the creation of 84 videos and 258 Blogs which has significantly increased brand awareness and visitor growth for our client
  • We have achieved a total audience reach across, Influencers, TV and Radio and Brand Partnerships of 210,819,590, through the in destination seamless execution and story integration of 36 major PR activations of which has successfully increased brand awareness of the destination and delivered a growth of 36.7% and 35.7% respectively
  • As an added value to our clients during the period of our PR services we delivered an average PR in-kind contribution from Industry Partners of AUD 1,250,000 per annum, extending budgets to be able to deliver more strategic projects
  • For Travel Trade projects we delivered across 5 years consistently over AUD 1 million annually in in-kind contribution through our education of over 1700 travel agents per year extending budgets to be able to deliver more strategic projects and were the first Tourism Office to lunch 300 agent mega famils in partnership with an airline
  • During our 7.5 years of operation we have earned a reputation and become known by our partners and clients for being connected, influential, reputable and operating with the utmost integrity. We have proven testimonials from all categories of trade and media partners and ranked amongst partners such as Channel 7’s Sunrise amongst many others as one of the Best Tourist Offices they have ever worked with.
  • We are on track through our strategic planning to complete Business Diversification and full national presence and international presence within 3-5 years. This will be achieved through the change of our business mix to 35% Trade Representation, 35% PR Representation and 30% consulting
How our clients describe us:

“Connected, Innovative, Influential and Dynamic”

The breadth of my experience has given me insight into all aspects of the tourism and travel industry. I caught the bug as 15 year old kitchen assistant and have worked my way through every element of hospitality, from the early days as a housekeeper to opening five new hotels. When I moved into tourism consulting and advisory, I travelled the world benchmarking on a global scale. I use my international knowledge to enhance our client’s initiatives and projects. There is nothing I don’t intricately know and understand about the tourism industry. That gives us a great platform to give back to our clients.

Julie KingFounder & CEO

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