About JKA

About Julie King & Associates

There is a collective passion and energising spirit around how we deliver our award-winning service at Julie King & Associates (JKA). We are relentless in our pursuit to deliver excellence, ROI and value in every aspect of representing our clients. This includes the highest level of service, strategic thinking and sense of pride in our performance.

JKA was formed in Sydney in 2010 by CEO, Julie King. With more than 34 years of international success in the hospitality and tourism industry, Julie has established strong relationships and connections within the industry and combines her wealth of knowledge together with a team of well-respected and experienced tourism professionals, who all share a common purpose – to educate, inspire and create the desire for people to experience the world.  

We are a team of strategic thinkers, who bring together a diverse set of skills across a number of disciplines, including strategy, marketing, research, design thinking, tourism product development, business development, travel-trade engagement, facilitation, communications and public relations.

We work with our clients from project conception to completion. Whether it is to change the perception of a destination, solve a specific challenge, create an innovative alternative, or generate renewed interest in a product or experience, we have the skills inhouse to collaboratively bring the project to life and execute with excellence.

We understand the rapidly evolving landscape, not only of the tourism industry but of consumer psychology, behaviours and values. We strongly believe that sustainability must play a part in how tourism moves forward, we believe this is being dictated by people worldwide and we have a responsibility to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of our decisions as a business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed tourism forever. Now, more than ever, we need to continue to showcase destinations and tourism products, support tourism businesses in their recovery and drive the desire to travel by reminding consumers of the wonderful world waiting to be discovered.

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How our clients describe us:

“Connected, Innovative, Influential and Dynamic”

The breadth of my experience has given me insight into all aspects of the tourism and travel industry. I caught the bug as 15 year old kitchen assistant and have worked my way through every element of hospitality, from the early days as a housekeeper to opening five new hotels. When I moved into tourism consulting and advisory, I travelled the world benchmarking on a global scale. I use my international knowledge to enhance our client’s initiatives and projects. There is nothing I don’t intricately know and understand about the tourism industry. That gives us a great platform to give back to our clients.

Julie KingFounder & CEO

We Do Things Differently

We love promoting destinations and product that we feel are great places to visit.

In order to work with a client, we have to truly believe that what they offer is a “must visit” for travellers. That belief enables us to throw ourselves behind your destination or product with passion and connect you with the right trade and media partners to grow your success.

We offer an all-round solution to tourism products and destinations.

If you need to establish a presence in the Australia/New Zealand market or want to maximise awareness of your destination we will represent you as if we were part of your company, we do not share teams across multiple accounts.

You need increased visibility and awareness of your destination, we will help you achieve this through marketing, PR, digital service and sales representation as well as full consultancy services.

Most companies tend to specialize in PR, trade or a particular region. We simplify the process for you by having expertise across a full range of services. Our team has delivered over 200 consulting projects in 24 different countries.

Our well established trade networks and great PR record allows us to easily tap into the Australian & NZ market to increase visitor numbers.

We are extremely transparent and flexible with our customers and we gain their trust and respect as a result of that. If a client needs to call us at twelve o’clock at night, then we’re available.

Our company ethos is based on connection, honesty, transparency and trust.


Our purpose is to create sustainable societies

Travel and Tourism contributed in 2019 to 10.3%  of the global GDP, resulting in 330 million jobs which equated to one in 10 jobs around the world.

Our focus when consulting to and promoting tourism destinations, products and attractions strategically is not only around the growth in visitation numbers and delivering high value, long term visitors but ensuring our work is delivering positive outcomes to local communities.


“To become the Leader in Tourism & Hospitality Marketing Representation in Australia & New Zealand”