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At Julie King & Associates our purpose is “create sustainable societies”.

As a team, if you understand your purpose and passion, you become unstoppable and no situation will derail this. Travel is our passion and we are blessed to work in an industry that we absolutely love.

In addition to experience, we look for passion, energy and a positive “can do” attitude in our team. This has resulted in a team filled with great relationship builders.

We are widely known for being connected and for our ability to build and develop professional, highly respected, and trusted travel trade & media relationships with integrity through our strong account & relationship management.

We only employ team members who have a wealth of experience in the more than one facet of the travel and tourism industry. Our partners know that the whole team is experienced and they trust that we have the best people to help them.

We have proven to our partners and clients that we will deliver everything that we promised and more, that builds natural trust.

Julie King

Founder & CEO

Woody Moore

Director of Marketing

Sarah Stevenson

Director of PR & Communications

Andrew Rattle

Director of Growth & Partnerships

Sheree Pekovich

Marketing Consultant

Lara Nickson

Senior PR Consultant

Leanne Marr

Senior Research Consultant

Dylan Joffe

Country Manager
Julie King & Associates

I've always been the type of person who over delivered, my years in the Middle East cemented that ethos. The work ethic among Arabic people is based on relationship, trust and delivering more than expected. That was drummed in to me from an early stage in Dubai and those are values we bring to our clients

Julie King,Founder & CEO

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